Coming to Faith

Growing up in England I can remember from the earliest years that my mum took my sister and I each Sunday to church. I have distant memories of Sunday school but much stronger memories of attending the actual church service. I have always had a belief in a creator God. The beauty which I saw around me in the hills and nature in England gave me a sure idea that a loving God was behind creation. However, it wasn’t until my University years when I really began to study the Bible and learn more about Christianity. These years provided fellowship, Biblical teaching and exciting worship. During this time I also broke up with my first girlfriend. This was a really hard blow for me and in the tears of that night when we broke up I asked God to be the sure foundation for my life instead of human relationships which might not last.

Since those years at University I have had many joys and troubles all of which have helped me to grow in my faith. I am so relieved that Jesus has rescued me and that I can turn to him each day. In the last few years the explosion of Christian resources on the internet has helped me immensely in my daily devotional life. I have been fortunate that many of these resources are in my own mother tongue and it is my wish that more would be available for my fellow Finnish speakers. Being a member of our church with good Biblical teaching, the opportunity to find my own place through serving as well as experience the most encouraging fellowship in our cell group I continue to desire to grow in love towards Him, myself and others in my journey.

Kelvey Marden